The rules of the club

The rules

of our club

Dear visitors of the Fashion Club night club. When you came to our club, each of You faced the work of two services, whose task is to select visitors according to the established criteria of appearance and behavior. In order for You to always be able to easily and simply pass the Dress Code and Face Control gates, without hanging around the entrance with a request to still let You inside, You should know a few simple rules.


It is no secret that every night club has certain rules, according to which criteria the appearance of the public is formed. We do not impose on our visitors a template of a certain club style in clothing, just specify a list of necessary rules for compliance with the standards of our club.

Clothing style-Casual, Culture.

Neatness, cleanliness.
Sports style of clothing (Performance) is strictly prohibited!
Prohibited beach style clothing (Slates Shorts hats sunglasses)
Except for theme parties


The following persons are not allowed in the club:
under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
people who drink alcohol near the entrance to the club;
aggressive behavior towards other guests or club staff.
Persons suspected of using or distributing narcotic substances
Persons suspected of committing illegal acts against visitors, staff or property of the club


Drink portable alcohol on or near the club
Smoking in the club premises ( except for electronic cigarettes ), only in designated areas

If you violate these rules, you will be restricted from entering the club


The club is open to persons over the age of 18. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you have a document (or a copy) proving your identity and age.

We remind you that the Fashion Club is a private institution, so it has the right to refuse any visitor to visit, without explaining the reasons, but compliance with these rules will increase the likelihood of your pleasant time in our club.


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