About As

Our whole life is a series of victories and failures, UPS and downs, gray routine and bright moments of happiness, and only the bright moments give us an idea in which direction to move on. Our mission is to dilute the everyday routine and fill your life with as many colorful emotions and bright impressions as possible. We try to make Your life happier, we try to fill the piggy Bank of life with days “forever”, which will then be pleasant to remember and which will then warm your heart for a long time. We are seriously preparing to hold every event within our walls, we do not spare any effort and money to see Your happy faces and smiles!

Our area is 1500 m2 and therefore comfortably accommodates 234 guests.

Our club gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate their birthday, organize a corporate party or celebrate any other holiday in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere! We can organize a Banquet or wedding on almost any scale and at any time of the year. It offers modern equipment, themed decoration of the celebration and an unforgettable entertainment program!

In summer, there is a verandah surrounded by flowers and greenery. It is carefully fenced off from the noise of the city center by a historical brick wall of a pleasant red color of age, overgrown with climbing plants. During the day, the summer veranda saves you from the heat in a shady coolness , and at night, fans of fashionable music, cocktails and beautiful people gather here.


Fill out the booking form. We will call you back and confirm it within two hours .

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